24Option Review

24opion Review

About 24option

24option Review - About 24optionThe biggest expectation in the binary option trading market is that the implemented trades turn into profitable investments in a short time. 24option guarantees its investors a profit rate of %85 in a short time such as in one hour.

We think that with its variable bonus chances, 24option could be the right broker for investors who desire high returns in binary option trading. content-seperator

24option Trading Platform

24option Review - 24option Trading PlatformWith its extremely clear, straightforward structure, black background and golden buttons; 24option offers its users an exclusive and luxurious looking trading platform.

Unlike other binary option trading portals which offer ‘call’ and ‘put‘ buttons for standard ‘High / Low‘ options 24option uses plus (high) and minus (low) icons, thus it prevents the confusion which may occur . As in ordinary binary option trading you can decide if the price will go up by using the plus button, or it will go down by using the minus button. The most prize-worthy feature of 24option binary option trading platform is that it ensures the users to optimize the view of the platform . Thus the user can create the view that is easiest for him or her.

On the other hand we must say that the buttons such as One Touch and Boundary features which are used on the site in order to trade binary options are not quite user- friendly. Nevertheless the site management has included textual descriptions for each button in order to repair this feature which is visually unpleasant for us. We should also state that in addition to these descriptions there are explanatory informations for each type of trading on the right column on the platform as to binary option trading.

Consequentially we can say that, 24option binary option trading platform will reach higher levels on the market with its rather comprehensible and good designed structure.

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24option Features

24option Review - 24option FeaturesAnother thing was the free demo account to which we paid attention during our examination of the 24option binary option trading platform. After some research, we have seen that users could open this account only after they have invested 200 dollars. Although it may seem as a disadvantage, we can say that having such a feature is also a very positive aspect comparing to other competitors dealing with binary option trading.
Another positive feature we think will be very useful to the binary option investor was the Buy Back option. Thanks to the Buy Back option, binary option investors can cancel the trade 5 minutes prior to its expiration and thus prevent the loss though not all the money is given back that has been invested.

There is a considerably wide source of information on the explanations of the terms related to trading which we think can be very useful for the users.

Consequentially, we are very pleased that 24option has a very wide selection of bonus options which we think are useful especially for new users. Though we don’t recommend to choose a broker only with bonus options, thanks to these features, choosing 24option will provide big advantages to the binary option investor. content-seperator

24option Customer Service

24option Review - 24option Customer ServiceWe always mention in our reviews for binary option trading platforms that the customer service is an important factor. We want to state that 24option has won our appreciation in terms of fast and clear responses.

There are live support units in 8 different international languages. During our review we spoke with 24option about 7 different matters and we must say that we got answers quite fast and courteous. Phone support unit provides support to the investors in 7 different languages and 7 different country codes. With this feature 24option proves to be a world brand in every field in binary option trading.

In addition to this perfect feature, you can also find the usual e-mail support information at the end of the contact page. content-seperator

24option Review Conclusion

24option Review Conclusion - is 24option Reliable?As a conclusion, 24 Option has been created and managed by exceedingly professional people who are experienced in forex and online marketing.

This shows us that the founders of this company have an extremely good analysis of its users wants and needs. Although the prevailing dark colors of the site are unusual, after a while these colors bring charm and elegance to the trading experience.

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