GFM Trader Review

GFM Trader Review

About GFM Trader

24option Review - About 24optionGFM Trader is one of very few binary option companies established by traders. This is one of the fundamental aspect that sets GFM Trader apart from the other binary option companies. The company understands what a trader and a non-trader needs in order to be successful in the financial markets. The amount of trading experience and the thought that has gone into the development of the site and the trading platform joined together with the tools a customer receives is a wonder.

Established in 2011, GFM Trader offers up to 91% profit which is way higher than your standard Binary option broker. They are also focused on the market and the flow of the information to the clients so they can place successful trades. Their attitude is definately not to drag you in to opening an account to make a deposit, but to show you the money! So you can believe what your eyes see.

Unlike other binary option companies, at GFM Trader you don’t talk to standard tele sales and marketing staff, you talk straight to the guys in the “aquarium”, the GFM term for the dealing room.content-seperator

GFM Trader Trading Platform

GFM Trader Review - GFM Trader Trading PlatformGFM Trader platform offers 5 types of options. Binary options, Touch options , No touch options , Range options and Turbo options. Turbo options is brand new in the market and allows you to place 1, 2 and 5 minute trades.

GFM Trader binary options platform also offers you a large selection of unique trading tools such as “Stop loss , Take profit , extend and double” . These tools enable you to stop a contract before expiry, extend the contract’s expiry time and double your investment in the middle of a trade if you see the market is moving towards your directon!

The harmony between the site and the platform is magic. Trading on this platform is is hassle free and really gives you a sense of independence. The fundamental concept at GFM Trader is to let the trader trade independently. This principle has led the company to improve the platform all the time. At GFM Trader you don’t get the platform stalls and price quote jumps. Its steady, consistent and the prices match the market via recognised quote providers. After reviewing many binary option platforms I have to admit the trading platform here is excellent. This is the most important aspect one needs to take in to consideration with a broker and GFM has definetely outdone itself on that.

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GFM Trader Features

GFM Trader Review - GFM Trader FeaturesThe trading tools at GFM Trader are unmatched simply because the information you get is a no non-sense approach. Binary option companies generally send you information you can’t digest and understand, paragraphs and paragraphs of text with a chart to look at.

At GFM Trader its straight forward. GFM Trader is the only brokerage company that provides for its traders their unique licensed “Manual Trader System (MTS)”. Developed in Australia by a consultant specifically for GFM Trader and its licenced users.

Then you get the “Trade Recommendation Sheet (TRS)”. This is gold!! No other broker is so precise. As a trader you get levels that tell you when to enter and what the expected target(s) are. Not to mention that the TRS screen shots are from the GFM Trader MTS. So any trader with the MTS can easily see, understand at what precise level to trade.

What else do traders get? Live Trading Signals! Live signals on the market with the EURUSD! If you are always in a rush and do not have time to sit and trade all the time, then relax! GFM Trader has you covered! A few times during the day you will get EURUSD trading signals. You can get in to the market and go about your daily routine.

No its not over, last but not least the Daily Videos! Watch the daily video to give you a daily perspective then match it to your TRS and the MTS and trade like a pro completeley synchronised.
Think about it. You have a trading system, you get a daily recommendation sheet, live trading signals and you get a daily video at London opening everyday! With 70% and higher success rate in their analysis GFM Trader is the right adress for all traders.

This company has simply out done itself in providing the client the exact needs to trade. No gymics, no nonsense attitude and direct traders approach in all that they provide.
GFM Trader: Total Knowledge in Total Synergy.content-seperator

GFM Trader Customer Service

GFM Trader Review - GFM Trader Customer ServiceGFM trader is a trader specific platform and integrated site for minimal maintenance to ensure that the trader is independent and has everything under control. During the trading my experience was that, there was no reason to really contact the support team, which is a surprise compared to other binary option companies and platforms that misquote and freeze.

All emails to support are alarm based meaning that your emails to support trigger an alarm for response. The support team then is in touch with you at the earliest possible service return time as per their procedures. Each language is taken care of by a specific team that builds customer rapport to give valuable support when needed. GFM Trader also has a support team audit procedure where all support team member emails and telephone calls are recorded and audited to ensure there are no mismanagement issues and if so they are handled immediately.content-seperator

GFM Trader Review Conclusion

GFM Trader Review Conclusion - is GFM Trader Reliable?Insured Trades

We love trading and we understand that you do too. Even though this may not be your chosen profession GFM Trader has tools to facilitate your trading by allowing you to warm up.

No, its not a demo account! Its an insured trade! You will be able to take a number of real trades with your money. If you win keep your profit and have great night out, if your trade looses we make sure the money stays in your account and you can still go and have a great night.

Trading Bonuses

To open a trading account and to trade efficiently you need to have some capital so you can manage your risk. At GFM Trader we understand that not everyone has a big bank account. To give your trades some breathing room in the volatility of the market GFM Trader provides a trading amount top up on your account so that you can manage risk and money. For your first deposit you get an instant 100% matching bonus. For your second another 50% and for your 3rd and more , you get custom tailored bonuses from your broker at GFM Trader.

With all the tools you get with this trader, there is really nothing to talk about. If you want to trade binary options then this is where you want to be right in the pitt of it all!

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