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OptionBit Review

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OptionBit Review - About OptionBitFounded by Pretoniria Co. Optionbit is one of the leading brokers in binary option trading market, its head office is in Cyprus and is controlled from there. The company provides its investors a wide range of services in binary option trading.

The most important thing that the investors who have chosen Optionbit for binary option trading need to know is that the security of their investment is exceptionally good. Another striking feature is that the customer service within the binary option trading platform provides services in multiple languages. content-seperator

OptionBit Trading Platform

OptionBit Review - OptionBit Trading PlatformOptionbit has been built on an entirely web based platform. It has been made possible that anywhere in the world investors can easily reach all financial data to trade binary option with a computer that is connected to internet without downloading any software.

During our examination on Optionbit binary option trading platform, the most striking feature which drew our attention is that it has an extremely user friendly and clear structure. There are no flashing ads and key types which appear suddenly and disturb the user as on other similar web sites providing service in this sector. If the question is the security in binary option trading we think that Optionbit definitely satisfies their investors with this feature.

One of the main reasons why Optionbit is preferred in binary option trading is; instead of simple above/below options that are available on similar web sites it provides its investors different options. In addition to the most ordinary above/below binary options it provides features such as “touch trading” and “range options” and thus make it possible for their customers to invest within multiple binary options.

In order to trade binary option Optionbit provides its investors over 40 asset options including investment tools such as indices, stocks, commodities and forex pairs.

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OptionBit Features

OptionBit Review - OptionBit FeaturesIn binary option trading Optionbit provides its investors a different type of options trading.

Digital Trading: In binary option trading digital options are the ones that are most commonly used today.

The prediction on, whether the asset price you have chosen will rise or fall, is required for this option which is realized by using the Above/Below option selection. To give an example if an investor invests on oil, he has to decide if the price of oil rise or fall before the expiry of the option that he has chosen.

In binary option trading if the investor chooses the option related to a rise of oil price in a certain time of period using certain simple analyses, he must select(Call Option). If he chooses the option related to a fall in oil price he must select (Put Option). In this way investor sees how much he gains or loses for the asset that was chosen and thus has the opportunity to make a risk assessment by getting the chance to calculate the return / loss of the asset.

Optionbit provides also other popular strategies in binary option trading in additon to the option that we mentioned. One of these strategies is that the investors decide whether they take part in the game or not. The point in this strategy called as “Close Now” is that the investors buy the options before the expiry. In this way if the chosen option isn’t moving in the direction they predicted , then the “Close Now” option will be extremely helpful to the investors.

To give an example for this option, if your Call option on gold with a 1 hour expiry is proceeding stably after the 50th minute you can close the option to be “in the money” before its expiry. On the other hand if the price of the asset you invested in, is decreasing you can “Buy Out” the option and thus have the chance to minimize your risk in your binary option trading.

In binary option trading Optionbit offers its investors the “Extend” feature to increase their profits. In this option investors can extend the expiration date of an option and thus the time period extends in which the option value increases. To give an example, if the value of the asset(dollar, gold, etc..) is still increasing 5 minutes before the expiration time as you anticipated you can increase your profit rate by purchasing the one hour Put Option on the option expiration date for a one time fee.

The Touch Trading Option Method which is a very new option method in binary option trading resembles basically the features of Forex trading. The most important thing in this method is that you need to predict whether the asset you chose will be “in the money” or “out of the money” before the time of expiration. If the asset that the investor chose reaches the strike price it brings around % 75 – %85 return to its investor. content-seperator

OptionBit Customer Service

OptionBit Review - OptionBit Customer Service For us one of the most important features in the binary option trading is the support that the investors get in terms of customer services. Optionbit provides excellent support to its customers via phone support, live help and e-mail.

By getting live help we could receive perfect answers through the team that handled our questions very courteous and professionally. content-seperator

OptionBit Review Conclusion

OptionBit Review Conclusion - is OptionBit Reliable?Managed professionaly by Pretoniria Co. since 2007, based in Cyprus and also considering that it is supported by the government of Cyprus, Optionbit is the most leading firm in terms of security among those which deal with binary option trading. During our examination, basing both on our deposit and withdrawal actions and also investment attemps we have come to the conclusion that the site is extremely secure.

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