How to Start Binary Option Trading?

How to start binary option trading?In order to get the highest welcome bonuses from the most reliable binary option brokers online, please open an account by using our links in detailed binary option broker reviews.

You can realize how easy to start binary option trading in a short time such as in 5 minutes and achieve high profits. Additionally you do not need to know the regulations between the brokers and be an stock market specialist!

You can enter the world of binary option trading either by opening a trial or creating a real account. Here you can reach the basic steps of getting strated with the binary option trading. content-seperator

Specify the Expiration of the Binary Option Asset

After you have chosen your asset, you need to specify the expiration of the asset. In binary option trading the minimum expiration is 5 minutes and the maximum is one month.
In general, binary option contracts do not last less than one hour, but traders are allowed to purchase options up to 5 minutes before the time of expiration. content-seperator

Direction of the Binary Option Asset

The basic principle in binary option trading is that you make a prediction about which direction the binary option asset will move by the time of expiration. Generally binary option traders conduct technical and fundamental analyses of the assets they have chosen. If you want to learn how to conduct fundamental analyses before your first trade with binary option you can make use of the detailed information on binary option trading in the “binary option strategies” section on our web site.


Choosing the Binary Option Type for the Asset

The next step in the binary option trading is to choose the option to trade your assets. There are three different option types in binary option trading. These are above / below option, range option and touch options. After a successful binary option trading, you can profit up to 75% and 85% depending on which binary option broker you have choosen for trading.
To give some more detailed information on types of options;

Above/ Below option means that you predict if the price of your asset will either increase or decrease by the time of expiration. If you think that the price will increase you need to buy a call option, or you think the price will decrease then you need to buy a put option.

• When it comes to touch option, we see that there are two types of this, called as “double touch” and “no touch

• By the range option you need to decide wheter your asset will stay in or go out of the predetermined range by the time of expiration.

You can find out more detailed information about binary option types on “Types of Binary Option Trading” page.


Binary Option Investment

After defining the general features of your trade with binary option your next step should be the decision on the amount that you need to invest.
With a minimum investment of 10$ or a maximum of 5000$ you can trade binary option.

According to the results of general statistics, most successful binary option traders are those who purchase multiple options which they can trade simultaneously. After opening an account over a binary option broker which you chose on our web site, you can deposit funds into your secure account by using one of practical payment methods, and for the first account opening you can make use of the special bonus opportunities which you can obtain only over our web site. content-seperator

Waiting for Binary Option Contract to Expire

After this stage, all you need to do is to wait for the expirations of the options for your assets and to collect your gains. Within this period you can follow up the performance of the options through online accounts under the “My Trades” tab. If your binary option expire “in the money” you can obtain an additional return between 75% – 85% on your initial investment.